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Introduction of New Products TIA & STEP7 PROFESSIONAL V1
Source: web  Date: 2011-06-02

I had exchanged technic with the friends of German Siemens and Knew that the new platform features step7 v11 and TIA. The following is a description of just released the platform in France.

Totally Integrated Automation

Different configuring tools have proved their worth for engineering an automation solution. The Engineering Framework with the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) virtually removes the boundaries between these software products. The Engineering Framework will in future form the basis of all engineering systems for configuring,programming and commissioning programmable controllers and drives from the range of Totally Integrated Automation.

Engineering Framework for efficient engineering

Uniform look and feel
The shared Engineering Framework into which the software products are integrated standardizes all shared functions –also in their onscreen representation.
Uniform operation of different editors saves on training costs and makes it easy for users to concentrate on essentials.

Integral intelligence
Intelligent editors are context-sensitive and show precisely what operators require for the task at hand: Functions, properties, libraries. Split-screen technology makes it possible to open several editors simultaneously and to exchange data between them. Data is exchanged using drag and drop.

Maximum data transparency
Data only has to be entered once, even when it is used in different editors for different target systems. Thanks to objectoriented, centralized data management in the TIA Portal, modified application data is updated automatically for all devices (PLC and HMI) within the project. The shared database
ensures absolute consistency throughout the entire automation project. This reduces the probability of error, and compact and transparent projects are created.

Reusable solutions
Supplied and proprietary program blocks and faceplates, as well as off-the-shelf modules and devices, are managed in structured libraries. This data can be reused again at any time, within a project, in local libraries, or across project boundaries in the global libraries. The central modifiability of the blocks ensures consistency.
Blocks or entire projects created with predecessor versions of the software products integrated into the TIA Portal can also be reused in the TIA Portal. Reuse saves on engineering costs and simultaneously increases the quality of the solution.

SIMATIC STEP 7 V11 – the new engineering system for all SIMATIC Controllers

The current version of the SIMATIC Controller Software, STEP 7 V11, has a user interface that has been optimized for maximum user-friendliness according to the latest usability studies.
And: STEP 7 V11 is an integral component part of the centralized TIA Portal Engineering Framework. Thanks to complete integration into the centralized TIA Portal Engineering Framework,SIMATIC STEP 7 V11 has a uniform operator input concept across all automation tasks with shared services (e.g.configuration, communication, diagnostics), as well as automatic data consistency.

The highlights of STEP 7 V11:
• Efficient and newly developed programming editors S7-SCL, S7-GRAPH*, LAD, FBD and STL* enable intuitive programming.
• Optimized SCL Compiler for S7-300/400
• SCL as third programming language for S7-1200
• Safety functionality as fully integratable option package for
STEP 7 Professional V11. This means: intuitive engineering and uniform operating concept for standard and safety-related programs.
STEP 7 V11 is available in two versions:
• SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic V11 – shared engineering for SIMATIC
S7-1200 and the SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels
The SIMATIC S7-1200 microcontrollers can be configured and programmed with STEP 7 Basic. SIMATIC WinCC Basic is included in the scope of supply for simple visualization tasks with the SIMATIC Basic Panels.
• STEP 7 Professional – one engineering system for all SIMATIC Controllers
STEP 7 Professional is suitable for configuring and programming the SIMATIC Controllers S7-1200, S7-300,
S7-400, and WinAC for PC-based control. SIMATIC WinCC Basic is also included here for simple visualization taskswith the SIMATIC Basic Panels.
The supplied block library contains a range of technology functions, including a simple PID control.
The SCL, GRAPH, PLCSim, DocPro, and TeleService option packages familiar from STEP 7 V5.5 are already integrated into STEP 7 Professional V11 and do not require additional licenses. Purchasers of the STEP 7 Professional Software Update Service automatically receive SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional V11.

STEP 7 Professional V11 options
The following are available as option packages
• STEP 7 Safety V11 for fail-safe SIMATIC Controllers
• PID Professional V11, a package for controller configuring that combines the functionality of the previous Standard PID Control and Modular PID Control options.
• Easy Motion Control
SIMATIC WinCC V11 – one software for HMI and SCADA
SIMATIC HMI operator panels range from Basic Panels providing basic functionality for smaller visualization tasks, through high-performance Mobile Panels and Multi Panels, right up to Panel PCs that can also be used to solve SCADA tasks.
In the TIA Portal, you configure all SIMATIC Operator Panels with SIMATIC WinCC V11. WinCC V11 offers system-wide engineering,from simple HMI tasks all the way to SCADA applications.
A scalable range of packages ensures a price-performance ratio that is optimized to the relevant target system and the relevant task. As with STEP 7, upward compatibility is guaranteed here too, so that upgrading is possible at any time.
* STL and S7-GRAPH are not available for S7-1200.

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